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Our mobile noble grills based on TEPPANyaki are true all-rounders. Indulge your friends and guests to complete menus and let them watch you prepare them to make the waiting feel shorter. The noble grills from INOXIUS with “guaranteed success” for outdoors and indoors, for nice and not so nice weather.

BBQ world champion Olli recommends

The defending bbq world champion Olli (Oliver Sievers) shows with his colleague Bob, his cooking skills on the proven TEPPANyaki grills from INOXIUS.


TEPPANyaki recipe

Wagyu flank steak



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Wagyu burger patties on the noble teppan grill

Do it fully yourself: Wagyu beef burger in a brioche bun

Recipe for 4 people Ingredients list Wagyu Pattis (see recipe) Burger sauce (see recipe) Brioche Buns (see recipe) 3 tomatoes 1 lettuce 1 jar pickles 8 slices bacon 2 white
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