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[ The Noble grill ]
Maximum creative grilling

Impress your friends or relatives with an unforgettable barbecue.
Create complete, colorful menus on the Noble Grill, an evolution of the TEPPANyaki grill. Almost without restriction, you can combine meat, fish, mushrooms, vegetables, nuts and fruit and refine them with spices directly on the grill.

Green Product Award 2021

Healthy, sustainable and virtually emission-free* grilling – that’s what the noble grill stands for. Owners of a noble grill do something good for themselves and the environment.

The M3000 was nominated for the Green Product Award! The jury particularly liked the sustainability of the choice of materials, the production process, the packaging and the recyclability.

The packaging is a reusable wooden box, which does not require styrofoam inserts. Thanks to suitably accurate floor milled holes, we can ensure safe transport.

Nominated for the Green Product Award 2021

Healthy enjoyment

All of our fine grills feature a distinctive multifunctional groove that catches excess grease and allows for low-fat grilling. The inimitable properties of the stainless steel surface ensure better preservation of vitamins and nutrients.

More taste

We guarantee a tasty preparation through emerging roasting aromas and gentle frying. The precise temperature control ensures quick closing of the barbecue food's pores. That makes meat or fish stay nice and juicy.

More fellowship

Usually, fellowship at the table begins with a glass of wine or a good meal. With the noble grill, the social gathering begins already when preparing the food. While the cook and/or host turns the grilled food, the guests sit at the same table and the waiting time is noticeably shorter.

Quickly cleaned

The noble grill is cleaned in under 60 seconds. All you need is the residual temperature of the grill surface, a sponge and water. A thermal effect ensures residue-free cleaning.

Environmentally friendly*

The packaging and the materials used are recyclable. The M1500 is shipped in a recyclable cardboard box, while the two larger models, the M2000 and M3000, are shipped in a convenient, reusable wooden box.

Get started quickly

Fast and uncomplicated. Simply turn on the grill, brush the grill surface very thinly with fat and after a few minutes the noble grill is ready for use.

Flexible use

The noble grill is used in many ways. It can be used outdoors and indoors, on the porch, balcony, kitchen or living room.

Precise temperature

It simply tastes better when the grilled food reaches an exact degree of cooking and the correct core temperature. Determine the temperature with pinpoint accuracy using the front-mounted rotary knob. Unlike pans, the stainless steel plate keeps the temperature constant.

Divers cooking

You can conjure up complete menus on the noble grill. Meat, fish, vegetables, mushrooms, kaiserschmarren, fried or scrambled eggs, fried potatoes and much more.

* An electricity contract with 100% green electricity provided.

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Up to 7 years warranty

Our products are manufactured with the utmost care and precision. Before a product travels to the customer, it is thoroughly checked and carefully packed. That is why we can give up to 7 years warranty on our noble grills with a clear conscience. The warranty period is 5 years from the date of purchase if the product is registered. You will receive two additional years if you consent to the use of your personal data.

Made in Germany

The noble grills are produced completely in our factory in the Vulkaneifel. State-of-the-art machines with laser technology are used for this purpose. Since not every step can be done by machines, every move of our qualified employees has to hit the mark. The result is a solid, durable product that you will enjoy for a long time. Many devices have been in use by our customers for over 30 years without complaints. Interested parties are welcome to to come and see, we look forward to your visit!


The special degree of purity of the stainless steel we use makes the material corrosion-resistant, temperature-resistant, durable, hygienic and heat-conductive.

These five inimitable features are perfect for a TEPPANyaki grill.
We go one better by using 11 mm thick sandwich steel for optimized heat distribution. Even that didn’t quite meet our standards. The outgoing juices and the excess oil had to be collected. This is how the multifunctional groove came into being with no small amount of effort. And so we thought this evolution of the TEPPANyaki grill deserved a new name.

This is how the noble grill was born.

Noble grill sandwich steel

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