Noble grill TYE3000TR (Touch)

The electronically controlled touch version of the proven classic C3000 for flush mounting up to 3,000 W. This grill is based on the principle of a TEPPANyaki grill and has been further developed by us. The flat grill surface replaces several pans and also provides constant temperature conditions for perfect grilling results. The special level of the stainless steel’s purity we use, makes the material resistant to corrosion and extreme temperatures. It is also durable, hygienic and heat conductive.

These five inimitable features are perfect for a noble grill. We go one better by using 11 mm thick sandwich steel for optimized heat distribution.


Maximum creative grilling

Create complete, colorful menus on the noble grill. Almost without restriction, you can combine meat, fish, mushrooms, vegetables, nuts and fruit and refine them with spices directly on the grill.


  • Electronically controlled touch operation
  • No toggles in the work area
  • Surrounding juice groove
  • Flush and surface mounting as standard
  • Display of operating status via LED indicators in elegant white (optionally in red)
  • Flush and surface mounting as standard
  • Flexible installation of Teppan Yaki
  • Ideal complement to our hobs with touch control


Juice groove

The wide juice groove of the TEPPANyaki-based noble grills not only looks elegant, it is also indispensable for purely practical reasons.

Child lock

By activating the child lock, you reliably prevent the use of the noble grill.


bridge-functionTY60-b320c42f Bridge function

A simple button combination combines the front and rear grill surfaces into one.



Equipped with a whole range of protective functions, the device combinations offer maximum safety:

  • Remaining heat display (multilevel)
  • Overheating protection (electrical and mechanical)
  • Active cooling of the power electronics
  • Operating time limit (hob and noble grill)


LED-R60 LED display red

Match the LED indicators on your new surface induction cooktop to existing red-lit equipment.


corner radiusJust as you can customize the edge profile of your noble grill, you also have a choice when it comes to the corner radius. Radii between 1 and 10 mm are possible.



widthAdjust the width of your noble grill to fit existing or new equipment.



deepAdjust the depth of your noble grill to fit existing or new equipment.



edge profileThree edge profiles are available (see additional information)