TEPPANyaki stainless steel grill M1500TS

The all-around grill / TEPPANyaki grill / table grill / electric grill
Made in Germany

This mobile stainless steel grill is the latest addition to the proven M-Series and fits perfectly with the larger M3000 and M2000 models.

The three devices of the M-series are perfect for outdoors. The grill plate and the stainless steel housing form a visual unit. The purely mechanical thermostat control also contributes to the absolute robustness. This allows the noble grill to withstand wind and weather.


This compact grill stands for grilling on a smaller scale for families or groups of 2 to 4 people.


699,- Euro

Teppanyaki stainless steel grills from INOXIUS?
  • Very flexible to use thanks to the compact dimensions and carrying handles (eg garden, balcony, kitchen, living room).
  • Tasteful preparation due to developing roasting aromas and gentle frying
  • Healthy enjoyment, because no carcinogenic substances are produced
  • Complete menus through a variety of preparation options of fish, meat, vegetables, rice pasta, potatoes, nuts and much more.
  • Sandwich steel for best heat distribution
  • Very durable thanks to only high quality processed materials
  • Multifunctional groove for draining off escaping fat and juice
  • Precise temperature control
  • Short preparation time
  • Quick and easy cleaning without chemicals
  • New, improved heating system
  • Made in Germany


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