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Even before the company was founded, it was clear that we only wanted to manufacture durable products. On the one hand, this gives our customers many years of enjoyment with our products, and on the other hand, we have sufficient resources for the further development and improvement of our equipment. Product lifetimes of over twenty years are standard for our devices.


Most of the parts that make up our equipment have come from the region since we began manufacturing. For all other parts, we are always on the lookout for valuable, regional alternatives. The resulting advantages are many: we secure jobs in the region. We protect the environment by avoiding long transport routes and we know our regional suppliers personally. The business relationships are long-term and we can therefore rely on consistently high quality.


Our equipment is mainly made of high quality materials such as glass ceramic and stainless steel. This makes the products robust and durable, and in addition, few environmentally harmful substances remain at the end of their service life. This helps us avoid waste. Fact is, the ecologically more valuable product is also the better solution economically in the long term. The mobile noble grills are delivered in a wooden box and do not require styrofoam or any other plastic inlays.

Noble grill Teppanyaki M3000

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